​​I fully support the completion of the long term plans to revitalize the Herndon Downtown.  With the purchase of the Ashwell property and the recent Request for Proposal issued by the Town, I hope to see the plan created by the Town realized in the next few years.

As a member of the Town’s Historic Sign Committee, I have worked to preserve our Town history by developing historic signs to be placed strategically around Herndon.  These signs will work to help us, and those to come later, to understand Herndon’s historic story.  We will see these signs being installed this year (2016).

In the past several years, the Town has been doing a good job letting the citizens know about proposed projects in advance.  Improving Public Outreach is one of the issues that first interested me in Town affairs years ago.  I will continue to pay close attention to how the Town communicates with its citizens.  I am a graduate of the Herndon Police Department’s Citizens’ Police Academy.  I found this an exemplary way for Herndon Police to explain and show how our Police work to make Herndon a better community.

As a member of the Pedestrian and Bicycle Committee, I fully support projects like the Safe Routes to School program which will provide sidewalks and curbs on Park Avenue.  The recent improvements at the intersection of Sterling Road and Herndon Parkway were made with both vehicle and pedestrian safety in mind.  I contributed to the Herndon portion of the Fairfax County Master Bicycle Plan (adopted October 28, 2014), and I support the proposed improvements at Center and Eldon Streets for examples.

As the President of a small HOA, I am familiar with the challenges involved with trying to meet the same legal, accounting, and process requirements as the largest property owners’ associations and condominiums.  I have worked with Delegate Rust to address these issues in the past and will continue to press them with Senator Wexton and Delegate Boysko.

The extension of the Silver Line into Loudoun County is a development that Herndon must take action to manage.  The impact on the Town will be very positive if we take the steps to guide the associated development.  While the Town has developed a Transportation Oriented Development plan for the Herndon Metro Station, I believe that we need to do more to ensure that the development around the Innovation Station is made with Herndon’s needs in mind.  Traffic on the Sterling Road entrance to Herndon must be controlled.  The extension of Davis Drive to Sterling Road will have a major impact on Herndon. Along Sterling Road the beginnings of the development around Innovation station can already be seen.  Hence we must develop a closer relationship with Loudoun County, especially now that moving the western boundary along Rock Hill Road has resulted in part of Herndon being in Loudoun County instead of Fairfax. 


I am excited to see the new firehouse being built on Spring Street and look forward to its completion later this year.  This is an example of the great relationship Herndon has with Fairfax County.  I intend to continue to work closely with Fairfax County leadership for Herndon’s benefit.

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