Bernard A. Barton, Jr., Chief Information Officer, Defense Technical Information Center
(Mr. Barton is now the Chief Information Officer for the Library of Congress)
“To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter to recommend Jeff Davidson for positions of trust and responsibility. I can confirm that Mr. Davidson retired from the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) after thirty years of service as a contractor and subsequently a government employee.
Mr. Davidson came to DTIC in 1986 and served in leadership roles for twenty years. He concluded his career as the DTIC Cloud Migration Program Manager. While in this position he exercised authority over DTIC’s cloud migration strategy. His leadership was directly responsible for the structured, systematic implementation of cloud services for DTIC.
I worked closely with Mr. Davidson for the last six years of his career. We collaborated on a regular basis throughout this period to solve challenges as they arose each day. Mr. Davidson was a team player and I could always count on him to deliver quality work.
I am happy to endorse Mr. Davidson and am confident that he will become a valued contributor in whatever endeavors he pursues. “

Lisa Merkel, Mayor, Town of Herndon
"Jeff has been an engaged citizen of the town for as long as I can recall.  He has advocated for appropriate park updates and road improvements, particularly regarding the Herndon Parkway/Sterling Road and Crestview/W&OD trail intersections.  His thoughtful approach to the issues will be an asset to the Town and I whole-heartedly support his candidacy for Town Council."

Carol A. Bruce, Former Mayor, Town of Herndon
“Jeff Davidson is smart, thoughtful, and an active member of the Herndon community who will be an outstanding Town Council member. He has my unqualified support.”

Grace Han Wolf, Member, Herndon Town Council
"I got to know Jeff when he became active as the head of the Towns on the Greens HOA and was involved sharing community concerns and input to changes at Trailside Park.  Jeff has been an outstanding citizen activist - taking the time to understand the issues, communicate with everyone involved and really help create win-win solutions.  He is an experienced member of the Town's Pedestrian & Bike Advisory Committee and will be a great Councilmember. I hope you will join me in supporting Jeff this November."

Barbara Glakas, Herndon Resident
“I am pleased to endorse Jeff Davidson for Town Council. He has an extensive understanding of the issues that face Herndon, and he has a clear and wise approach. Jeff’s skills and dedication will be an asset to the Council and to the Town.”

Former Delegate Tom Rust, House of Delegates, Commonwealth of Virginia
“Your commitment to our community is to be commended, and the knowledge you gained by completing the curriculum should serve you well.”  “Thanks for being an involved citizen!”